Basic Information/Materials...

Getting career services and alumni offices involved

Career Services Office:
A.) A section about the Pledge on the career services web page or a link to the GPA web site.
B.) A socially responsible job section on the career services web page.
    1. Links to available socially responsible jobs (the national GPA page does this already).
    2. Questions to ask employers (the national GPA page also does this).
    3. Listing of resources.
C.) Hard copy materials available on socially/environmentally responsible jobs.
D.) Announce that the director of career services or other counselors are available for brief consultations on those topics.
E.) Bring socially responsible employers to campus as a resource and to recruit employees.
F.) Have available information on corporations' and companies' polices that are relevant to social and environmental responsibility.
G.) Give talks to individuals/groups about socially and environmentally responsible jobs.

Alumni Office:
A.) Link the alumni web page to the Pledge web page on campus or the national Pledge web page.
B.) Hold alumni meetings in which speakers discuss the Pledge and socially responsible jobs.
C.) For other events have a speaker on the Pledge.
D.) Include information on the Pledge in alumni magazines, mailings, etc.
E.) Survey Pledge signers on how they are using the Pledge on the job and in other ways.
F.) Prepare a newsletter for the school's GPA graduates.
G.) Make a listserve for the school's Pledge signers.
H.) Prepare a databank/directory of alumni who have socially responsible jobs available or who have leads to other possibilities concerning such jobs.
I.) Plan events/talks on corporate/social responsibility.
J.) Help with press releases/stories if alumni want to have their local newspaper cover social responsibility in some way.
K.) Work with alumni who want to have their companies run stories in company newsletters on socially responsible practices.
L.) Prepare a press release on the Pledge or general social/corporate responsibility.