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Soon-to-be graduates from 50 campuses expected to support Manchester College-based Graduation Pledge Alliance NORTH MANCHESTER, Ind. ? April 17, 2000 ? College seniors from 50 or more campuses are expected to support a Manchester College-based pledge this spring ? a pledge that indicates they'll search for socially- and environmentally-friendly jobs.

These soon-to-be graduates are conscientiously going the extra mile in their job searches because they plan to support the Graduation Pledge Alliance. This voluntary pledge states:  "I pledge to explore and take into account the social and environmental consequences of any job I consider and will try to improve these aspects of any organizations for which I work." Students determine for themselves what they consider to be socially and environmentally responsible. For some students, that means they are searching for companies or organizations that do not pollute streams, rivers, or the air; practice discriminatory or unfair business; or create an unfriendly work atmosphere. In the past two years, support of the pledge has grown dramatically. Just two years ago, only a handful of students from colleges and universities supported the pledge.  Last year proved to be a turning point as groups of students from more than 30 campuses ? including Harvard, MIT, and Notre Dame ? supported it. Students representing nearly 40 colleges and universities have contacted Neil Wollman, the pledge's coordinator, indicating that either their respective campuses as a whole or groups of students from their respective campuses will support the pledge this spring.  In addition, students from more than 30 other colleges and universities, including a student from Huddersfield University in the United Kingdom, have expressed interest in supporting the pledge this spring.      And the pledge's supporters seem to be making a difference in the world.  Through anonymous surveys in the past, Manchester College has learned of inspiring examples set forth by pledge supporters. One Manchester College graduate reported on a survey:  "I told my boss of the pledge and my concerns.  He understood and agreed ... and the company did not pursue the (chemical warfare) project."  Another graduate reported: "Now I make an effort to teach and think about social and environmental responsibility on a daily basis."  Some have been concerned with recycling at their company.  Others have turned down jobs they did not feel morally comfortable with. Manchester College's graduates have supported the pledge since 1988. Since that time, about 50 percent of the graduating classes sport a green ribbon on their gowns during commencement exercises as a public show of their support. Manchester College ? an independent, liberal arts college located in North Manchester, Ind., and a college of the Church of the Brethren ? offers more than 45 areas of study to more than 1,100 students from 22 states and 24 countries.  Ninety-eight percent of its graduates find employment within six months of commencement.                              


*The Graduation Pledge is one of the projects sponsored by the Peace Studies Institude of Manchester College

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