GPA Advisory Board
& Project Coordinator

Steven Masters

Project Coordinator

Graduation Pledge Alliance, Coordinator
Bentley College, Waltham, MA, 02452
"In our increasing close knit global community, envirionmental and social issues affect our neighbors close and far. Threats of global warming, disease outbreaks such as AIDS, increasing shortages of food and water in developing nations are all pressing issue today. There are many ways for college graduates to get involved in helping to solve these problems. The Graduation Pledge is one of the easiest ways for the graduate to become involved. Regardless of where the graduate ends up, the Pledge can guide them in bettering the organization they are involved with. Little steps like this can add up to having a huge impact. "

Neil Wollman

Ph. D.; Senior Fellow, Peace Studies Institute; Professor of Psychology
Manchester College, North Manchester, IN 46962
"I have always liked the idea of the Pledge since first hearing about it in 1987. It is both a symbolic and concrete way to influence society via the important institution of the workplace."

Scott Carlin

Scott Carlin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Geography
C.W. Post Campus, Long Island University Brookville, NY

"Too often a college degree is equated primarily with financial success. The Graduation Pledge is a unique way for college graduates to affirm for themselves, their classmates, and family the importance they also place on social and environmental responsibility. The Pledge was immensely popular at my last college and is gaining support at C.W. Post; it is wonderful to see all the green pledge ribbons on our graduates each May. "  
Matt Nicodemus

Executive Director, GPA-Asia
Educator-activist, Musician, Editor
Chung Shan N. Road, Sec. 6, Lane 2, Alley 23, #10, 5/F
111 Taipei, Taiwan
(ph) 886-2-2834-7233


"Taking the Pledge is not just signing a piece of paper or swearing an abstract oath.  It's about making a lifelong commitment to pursue social and environmental responsibility in -- and for -- our real world."
Michael Ginzburg

Senior, Bentley College
Director, Bentley Civic Leadership Program
Bentley College,  175 Forest St, Waltham MA 02452 9784482008 (home)
9788776825 (cell phone)

At Bentley, students are demanding more than traditional academics from their education. We are committed to ensuring that both businesses and their communities, both local and global, grow stronger together. The Graduation Pledge continues to be a tremendous vehicle for galvanizing this commitment to social responsibility among the next generation of civic and business leaders on campus.
Anthony F. Buono

Professor of Management & Sociology
Coordinator, Bentley Alliance for Ethics & Social Responsibility
Bentley College
175 Forest Street
Waltham, Massachusetts 02452
ph: 781-891-2529
fax: 781-891-2896

“The role of the Bentley Alliance is to support and encourage greater awareness of, respect for and commitment to ethics, service and social responsibility in our research, curricula and campus culture. Being part of the Graduation Pledge is a logical extension of these efforts and has served as the ideal platform for our Civic Leadership program, which directly involves our undergraduates in working toward these ideals. Our goal is to graduate highly skilled business professionals with a broader sense of their responsibility to the larger community.”
Allwyn D'Silva

Vice President IHREC
Chairperson Justice and Peace Commission
St Pius College,
Aarey Road
Goregaon E
Mumbai India 400 063
Office phone - 91-22-28756953 - Fax: 91-22-28749023
Cell phone - 9820068257
Email address -

"Students need symbols and I think the Graduation Pledge is a wonderful opportunity to motivate the youth to be agents of social change".

Melissa Everett

Executive Director, Sustainable Careers Institute,
Instructor at RPI, author of Making a Living While Making a Difference
1310 Sawkill Rd., Kingston, NY 12401

The Graduation Pledge is a simple, visible way to focus a lot of exploration, commitment and leadership among students. It provides a spark on campuses that can ignite partnerships among students, faculty and staff, across issues and ideological boundaries. Working with the Graduation Pledge provides a tremendous opportunity for diverse organizations to learn more about creating the socially engaged campus."

Zeke Zavier

Toronto, Canada
Owner of Green Angel Inc. - a marketing and advertising network.
Over the past few years I have left the business to dedicate my time and energy to nonprofit and environmental activism.
He is one of the founders of and is launching a new community networking
site for members of Graduation Pledge -

Ryan W. Sisson

Ecosystem Management Technologist; Student, Environmental & Resource Studies Honours Program, Trent University, Peterborough ON, K9J 7A2.
Director- Canadian Graduation Pledge Alliance Effort

"Each year, more and more Canadian graduates are signing on to the pledge. As we know change takes time. Students who take the Graduation Pledge are responding to the call, and making a commitment to live a more thoughtful existence. I am excited to be an active participant of the Graduation Pledge and encourage other Canadian schools to get involved!"

Chris DeHart

Careers Counselor
Humboldt State University

"As a career counselor, I am sensitized to the lives of students I serve and recognize that many of them will be living until 2060 or 2070. It is increasingly apparent that they will significantly affected by the impacts of global warming, population increases, terrorism, shortages of energy, water and soil, corporate globalization, and the widening disparity of wealth. I believe that the Graduation Pledge Alliance is a forum by which students and graduates can recognize these impacts and make a concerted promise to build a more just and sustainable society."
Jonathan White
Assistant Professor of Sociology; Bridgewater State College; Hart Hall; Bridgewater, MA 02325
“I am passionate about the mission of the Pledge. The GPA is a powerful force in educating and empowering students to create social change and social justice as they move forward in the world. I believe that this generation of graduates has the skill and awareness to create a more just and sustainable world, and that the Pledge can be a galvanizing force in helping them to do so.”