Our Vision and Mission

The mission of the Graduation Pledge Alliance (GPA) is to build a global community of responsible graduates improving society and the environment through the workplace. GPA’s vision is a world where every graduate, through the workplace, is an effective leader for social and environmental improvement.

Our Enterprise

The work of the Graduation Pledge Alliance touches many people as well as society and the planet as a whole. Every component of the map below is related to the GPA in some way.

What We and Our Partner Schools Do

A chapter is an establishment of GPA that offers the Graduation Pledge to students at an educational institution. Taking the Graduation Pledge is voluntary, and if the commitment is made, it allows students to determine for themselves what they consider to be socially and environmentally responsible. To learn more about setting up a chapter and offering the Graduation Pledge at your institution, see Starting a Campaign, or email us at gpa@bentley.edu.

Schools using the Graduation Pledge include liberal arts colleges (Grinnell and Macalester); state universities (The Ohio State University), private research universities (Stanford University and University of Pennsylvania), and schools outside the U.S. (Taiwan, Philippines and Canada).

Instituting the Graduation Pledge gets at the heart of a good education and a good educational institution. Not only does it remind students of the ethical implications of the knowledge and training they received, but it can help lead to a socially conscious citizenry and a better world. In a sense then, the Graduation Pledge operates at three levels: students making choices about their employment; schools educating about values and citizenship, rather than only knowledge and skills; and the workplace and society being concerned about more than just the bottom line.