Jared Duval
Advisory Board

Pledge Alum from 2005, Wheaton College
Author of Next Generation Democracy
e-mail: jared.duval@gmail.com
In writing his book, the goal was to put democracy back where it belongs, with the people rather than with corporations. Duval argues persuasively that open-source approaches to governance would help people participate much more directly in the policymaking process.
Josh Arnold
Advisory Board

Pledge Alum from 2005, Wheaton College
Executive Director, Global Awareness Local Action (G.A.L.A.)
e-mail: josh@galacommunity.org
Based in his hometown of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, the mission of G.A.L.A. is to “translate sustainability education into local action that is practical, effective, and fun.” The group’s long-term vision is to create a network of communities working together to build local resilience and strengthen social capital.
Scott Carlin, Ph.D.
Advisory Board

Associate Professor of Geography
LIU Post
Brookville, NY
“Too often a college degree is equated primarily with financial success. The Graduation Pledge is a unique way for college graduates to affirm for themselves, their classmates, and family the importance they also place on social and environmental responsibility. The Pledge was immensely popular at my last college and is gaining support at LIU Post; it is wonderful to see all the green Pledge ribbons on our graduates each May.”
Steve Masters
Advisory Board

M.A. in Religion and Ecology
Drew University
Madison, NJ
e-mail: smasters@drew.edu
“In out increasing close knit global community, social and environmental issues affect our neighbors close and far. Threats of global warming, disease outbreaks such as AIDS, increasing shortages of food and water in developing countries are all pressing issues today. There are many ways for college graduates to get involved in helping to solve these problems. The Graduation Pledge is one of the easiest ways for the graduate to be involved. Regardless of where the graduate ends up, the Pledge can guide them in betting the organization they are involved with. Little steps like this can add up to having a huge impact.”
Tim Rairdon
Tim Rairdon
Advisory Board

Communications Specialist
Hu-Friedy Mfg. Co., LLC
Chicago, IL 60618
e-mail: trairdon@bentley.edu
“The Graduation Pledge encourages us to sustain our values in our places of work so we can realize ourselves and a promising future through mindful contributions to the broader world.”
Song Xu
Advisory Board

Supply Chain Consultant
iCognitive, Singapore
“Having witnessed seemingly devastation that disasters can bring, physically and mentally, you need to believe a wake-up call is necessary to combat unfriendliness, disrespect, or even defiance to nature’s way. Man is never wise enough to fathom the Mother Nature and the society.”