Anthony F. Buono
Executive Committee, Treasurer

Professor of Management & Sociology
Coordinator, Bentley Alliance for Ethics & Social Responsibility
Bentley University, Waltham, MA 02452
ph: 781-891-2529
e-mail:“The role of the Bentley Alliance is to support and encourage greater awareness of, respect for and commitment to ethics, service and social responsibility in our research, curricula and campus culture. Being part of the Graduation Pledge is a logical extension of these efforts and has served as the ideal platform for our Civic Leadership program, which directly involves our undergraduates in working toward these ideals. Our goal is to graduate highly skilled business professionals with a broader sense of their responsibility to the larger community.”
Neil Wollman
Neil Wollman
Executive Committee, Secretary

Senior Fellow
Bentley Alliance for Ethics & Social Responsibility
Bentley University, Waltham, MA 02452
e-mail:“I have always like the idea of the Graduation Pledge since first hearing about it in 1987. It is both a symbolic and concrete way to influence society via the important institution of the workplace.”
Michael Waas Smith
Executive Committee, Member

Global Vice President
Terracycle, Inc.
Trenton, NJ
e-mail:“I was involved with the Pledge at Central Michigan University some time ago. It feels good to be involved with it again in a different capacity. It can be a powerful and important part of a graduating student’s college experience. It has certainly played a part in keeping me focused on social and environmental responsibility in my day-to-day work.
Matt Nicodemus
Advisory Board

Educator-activist, Musician, Editor
e-mail:“Taking the Pledge is not just signing a piece of paper or signing an abstract oath. It’s about making a lifelong commitment to pursue social and environmental responsibility in - and for - our real world.”
William (Bill) Benet PhD
Executive Director
William Benet PhD email:
Dr. Benet is an educator/researcher/activist who promotes workplace and societal democracy to create healthy, sustainable, and just communities. He has over 50 years experience as a small business entrepreneur, social justice advocate, and nonprofit executive. He served 28 years as an elected official in the Monroe County Legislature, including 5 years as majority leader. Now in his 4th career, he holds academic appointments as:
  • Adjunct professor at the University of Toronto in Adult Education and Community Development.
  • Adjunct professor at Walden University’s School of Public Policy and Administration.
  • Senior Fellow with Bentley University’s Alliance for Ethics & Social Responsibility, where he serves as Executive Director of the Graduation Pledge Alliance.