GPA Leadership


Tim Rairdon
Executive Director
Graduation Pledge Alliance
Bentley Alliance for Ethics and Social Responsibility
Bentley University, Waltham, MA 02452
ph: 630-310-4281

“Not only is the Graduation Pledge a meditation on responsibility, but it is also a personal and shared way to affirm important aspects of who we are. The Graduation Pledge encourages us to sustain our values in our places of work so we can realize ourselves and a promising future through mindful contributions to society and the broader world.”

Neil Wollman, Ph.D.
Executive Committee - Secretary
Senior Fellow
Bentley Alliance for Ethics and Social Responsibility
Bentley University, Waltham, MA 02452

“I have always liked the idea of the Pledge since first hearing about it in 1987. It is both a symbolic and concrete way to influence society via the important institution of the workplace.”

Anthony F. Buono
Executive Committee - Treasurer
Professor of Management & Sociology
Coordinator, Bentley Alliance for Ethics & Social Responsibility
Bentley University
175 Forest Street
Waltham, Massachusetts 02452
ph: 781-891-2529
fax: 781-891-2896

“The role of the Bentley Alliance is to support and encourage greater awareness of, respect for and commitment to ethics, service and social responsibility in our research, curricula and campus culture. Being part of the Graduation Pledge is a logical extension of these efforts and has served as the ideal platform for our Civic Leadership program, which directly involves our undergraduates in working toward these ideals. Our goal is to graduate highly skilled business professionals with a broader sense of their responsibility to the larger community.”

Christopher Sequeira
Executive Committee - President
Engineer - Federal Aviation Administration
Office of Environment and Energy
Washington, DC

“The power of the Graduation Pledge lies in its call not for a specific ideology or viewpoint, but in its call for something far more general and critical: consciousness. We all work for someone or something, and conscious work is enabled when we take into account the values of the organizations we work for and ask ourselves how we impact the world. The call of the Graduation Pledge is something that individuals can draw upon throughout their lives to consider the social and environmental effects of their actions.”



Scott Carlin, Ph.D.
Advisory Board
Associate Professor of Geography
C.W. Post Campus, Long Island University Brookville, NY

“Too often a college degree is equated primarily with financial success. The Graduation Pledge is a unique way for college graduates to affirm for themselves, their classmates, and family the importance they also place on social and environmental responsibility. The Pledge was immensely popular at my last college and is gaining support at C.W. Post; it is wonderful to see all the green pledge ribbons on our graduates each May. “

Steve Masters
Advisory Board
M.A. Candidate in Religion and Ecology
Drew University

“In our increasing close knit global community, environmental and social issues affect our neighbors close and far. Threats of global warming, disease outbreaks such as AIDS, increasing shortages of food and water in developing nations are all pressing issue today. There are many ways for college graduates to get involved in helping to solve these problems. The Graduation Pledge is one of the easiest ways for the graduate to become involved. Regardless of where the graduate ends up, the Pledge can guide them in bettering the organization they are involved with. Little steps like this can add up to having a huge impact. “

Nikhil Oak
Advisory Board
CSAT Effectiveness and Reporting Analyst
United Airlines


Matt Nicodemus
Advisory Board
Executive Director, GPA-Asia
Educator-activist, Musician, Editor
Chung Shan N. Road, Sec. 6, Lane 2, Alley 23, #10, 5/F
111 Taipei, Taiwan
ph: 886-2-2834-7233

“Taking the Pledge is not just signing a piece of paper or swearing an abstract oath. It’s about making a lifelong commitment to pursue social and environmental responsibility in — and for — our real world.”

Ryan Sisson
Advisory Board
Ecosystem Management Technologist;
Student, Environmental & Resource Studies Honours Program
Trent University, Peterborough ON, K9J 7A2.
Director - Canadian Graduation Pledge Alliance Effort

“Each year, more and more Canadian graduates are signing on to the pledge. As we know change takes time. Students who take the Graduation Pledge are responding to the call, and making a commitment to live a more thoughtful existence. I am excited to be an active participant of the Graduation Pledge and encourage other Canadian schools to get involved!”

Song Xu
Advisory Board
Supply Chain Consultant
iCognitive, Singapore
"Having witnessed seemingly unstoppabe devastation that disasters can bring, physically and mentally, you need to believe a wakeup call is necessary to combat unfriendliness, disrespect, or even defiance to nature's way. Man is never wise enough to fathom the Mother Nature and the society."


The Graduation Pledge Alliance is a project of the Bentley University Alliance for Ethics and Social Responsibility."