This contest is for GPA Partner Schools that have established Pledge programs with a campus organizer. To get as many students to take the Pledge on your campus as possible, you know you have to have great events that promote the Pledge. Submit a write-up of your coolest, most innovative event that you held this spring. RULES: Your write-up of the event should be at least 250 words and must also be accompanied by a high-resolution photograph of your event in action! You must also be the named campus organizer of the Pledge on your campus (please let us know who you are in advance for our records!). Email entries to The GPA Executive Committee will review the entries and choose the event that appears to have been the most innovative and productive for Pledge purposes.

The 3 campus organizers with the best ideas will be featured in GPA press releases, magazine articles and other press. All complete entries will be featured on the GPA website’s 25th Anniversary Celebration Page. DEADLINE TO ENTER: June 1.