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Graduation Pledge Alliance

For signers of the graduation Pledge and others wanting an ethical workplace


This site will give you various suggestions and hints on being socially responsible on the job including those of you trying to carry out the Graduation pledge.

I _______ pledge to explore and take into account the social and environmental consequences of any job I consider and will try to improve these aspects of any organizations for which I work."

Brief Description of the pledge

For those who have not signed the Pledge but wish to !

 There are also opportunity for you to engage in relevant discussions such as on

"Successes and difficulties in being socially responsible on the job"


 "Ways of promoting the Graduation Pledge project internationally."

If you have any suggestions please tell us for improving the website

If you want to consider ways of being socially and environmentally responsible beyond the workplace (thus in your personal lives otherwise or in their communities or in the world), that there is a whole other section of Explore where that takes place.