The GPA is now poised to enter a period of rapid expansion of the number of schools involved and the number of Pledgers each year. The GPA is seeking sponsors to help us reach the next milestone in our history, while at the same time getting the word out about their company, product, or program to thousands of graduating college students across the country and around the world.

The Graduation Pledge has received great press over the years. In the last 25 years, the Pledge has been mentioned in more than twenty books, most recently in 2010’s Business Ethics 3rd Edition by Andrew Crane and Dirk Matten from Oxford University Press. Pledge press coverage includes countless newspaper stories, blogs, websites (most recently at Catalysta) and magazine articles (like Sierra Magazine, and Imagine)

As a sponsor of the GPA, you will have a presence on the sponsors page of the GPA website,, get mentioned in GPA Twitter communications, and be featured in our Pledger Support Bulletin, a monthly e-newsletter that goes out to all Pledge alumni who have provided us with their email address because they want support and tips for fulfilling their pledge.

Sponsorship Packages

  • $2,000 Platinum Sponsor: Logo, tag-line, and paragraph on sponsor page of website, 24 tweets, 6 e-newsletter features.
  • $1,000 Gold Sponsor: Logo and tag-line on sponsors page of website, 18 tweets, 4 e-newsletter features.
  • $800 Online Pledge Sponsor: Students can now take the Pledge online using the GPA online Pledge tool. After signing the pledge, they will end up on a custom landing page that features only FOUR sponsors which can be a mix of institutions of higher education or companies that sell sustainable products. We expect thousands of students to use the online Pledge tool during the Fall and Spring!
  • $500 Silver Sponsor: Logo on website sponsors page, 12 tweets, 2 e-newsletter features.
  • $250 Bronze Sponsor: Logo on website sponsors page, 6 tweets, 1 e-newsletter feature.

NOTE: Certified B Corporations receive a 50% discount on sponsor/advertising packages!

The GPA will work with you to revise your sponsorship materials each time a change is requested for each tweet or e-newsletter feature before it goes out. Contact us at GPA Headquarters to get the process started!