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Bentley Alliance for Ethics and Social Responsibility

Bentley has continually promoted a sense of ethics, civic engagement, social responsibility and sustainability through teaching, research, and corporate and community relations. Beginning in 2003, these efforts were given even stronger emphasis through the Bentley Alliance for Ethics and Social Responsibility (BAESR). A collaborative effort involving an array of campus-based centers and initiatives, BAESR is intended to build on, enhance and extend the work of the Center for Business Ethics, the Bentley Service-Learning Center, the Valente Center for Arts and Sciences, and the Women’s Leadership Institute. Key campus-wide initiatives include Bentley’s membership in the UN Global Compact’s Academic Network (PRME) and the Conscious Capitalism Institute, the University’s diversity efforts, Risk Management Research Program, the Graduation Pledge, Net Impact and our Civic Leadership Program, Institutional Review Board (IRB),  Academic Integrity Policy, and Bentley’s Green Initiative.