How could you help the Graduation Pledge get better?

We in the Pledge Central Office work hard to keep things moving for the project. But we can always use some help to further the cause. If you or your friends and colleagues can help on any of the below possibilities, it will certainly help the project overall. You can help a little or help a lot. And know that if you do, you'll likely be helping to change world---if only a little bit! THANKS

  • If you have any writing or editing talents, you can feed that urge by helping us start a periodic newsletter--something more substantial than the updates. You can even include a picture of yourself if you are the editor!
  • Beyond our regular web master, we could use someone who more regularly helps us get up new ideas on this web site. You and your friends can see all you’re your good ideas up in lights! (we can even pay a little now, but more will follow if we can get some funding).
  • You can be a mini-PR person. We get a lot of coverage in major media, like USA Today and Business Week. Here's your chance to help on that and make a name for yourself.
  • You, personally, can expand the Pledge to new schools--and know that your work will affect students for years to come!
  • Help us to stay in contact with and motivate participating Pledge schools. That's the key to keeping us strong and you can contribute to that.
  • Develop partnerships with groups which have related interests. Be a coalition-builder for the Pledge.
  • Help give presentations, distribute literature, or otherwise talk up the project at a meeting or conference. Who knows how many new schools you can bring on board.
  • Help with our new "E-xplore" web site and other resources that can help pledge signers now in the work force. This is really making a difference for people actually applying the Pledge. Help contribute to their making social change.
  • Distribute an email description of the Pledge as widely as you want. Change the world at your own computer.
  • Distribute GPA brochures wherever they might do some good for the project. (Nothing clever to say here.)
  • Any project can always use more money to do more. You can help on or even coordinate a grant proposal that can make real changes for the project and the world. Plus you maybe able to write yourself into the grant to get paid for future Pledge work!
  • Considering your knowledge of the project, its materials, web site, and so on, what do you think is lacking that you want to help on at the national level? Be creative and make us a better project.

Contact Neil Wollman, ; (260)982-5346.