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by Melissa Everett and Matt Nicodemus


Note: Certain issues are applicable to a variety of issue areas. e.g., access to employment, promotion/advancement. degree to which employee input is sought or valued, and harassment on the job are issues within the issue areas of age. ability. class, cultural background. spiritual/religious orientation, gender, race, and sexual orientation.
age, including:
-- forced retirement
-- retraining
ability, including:
-- advocacy
-- accessability of workplace, equipment, etc.
commitment to a vision for society
community (defined at a variety of levels) relations, including:
-- openness and accountability
-- tax-avoidance
-- contributions to local charity & social change efforts
-- other contributions to community
cultural preservation, including:
-- fostering healthy families
-- destruction of indigenous cultures
-- destruction of other cultures (e.g. fragmentation, alienation)
customers: who the employer serves (see all other issues for concerns here)
economic preservation (local, regional, national). including:
-- importing labor from outside the community
-- buying local/regional/national products/services
-- exporting jobs
-- exporting material resources
environmental pollution/ degradation. including:
-- materials acquisition (e.g. mining)
-- process of production
-- packaging
-- shipping/transport
-- pollution/degradation produced by product itself (e.g. automobiles)
-- pollution/degradation created by used/expended product (un)ethical/illlegal
business practices, including:
-- in relation to other Institutions, including:
** monopoly/oligopoly
-- in relation to customers. including:
** advertising
** pricing
** sales
** services
-- in relation to general public/government, including:
** Influencing government and non-gov't monitoring groups
relationship of employer to employees. including:
-- employees as mere means to ends. or as ends in themselves?
-- openness & trust
-- relationship with union(s)
-- understanding/"cooperative" with one's war-tax resistance
-- wages & benefits, including:
** health care
** childcare
** vacations
** continuing education
** retirement package
** wages
** maternity/paternity leave
** sick leave
** holidays
** family/emergency leave
-- job security
-- working conditions. including:
** flex-time
** safety
** work pace
** rest time/breaks
-- workplace democracy: worker input on employer decisions
-- concern for emotional well-being of employees
-- employee relocation
-- worker privacy. including:
** mgmt. searches of employees and their desks, lockers, etc.
** drug testing
** flexible work arrangements. including:
** Job-sharing
** part-time work
fiscal responsibility
-- safeguard interests of investors
-- full & fair disclosure of economic condition
International operations. including:
-- connections to repressive governments
-- connections to other dangerous, repressive practices
-- acting inimically to national foreign policy
"ownership" of company/employer. including:
-- foreign
-- size
-- multinational
-- government
-- worker (co)ownership
-- degree of stockholder control/voice
-- degree of control/voice from members of general public
product/service costs and profit rates
product/service potential for harm, including:
-- abortion, pro-life, pro-choice
-- drugs
-- military contracting
-- nuclear power
-- weapons for personal use
-- disempowerment of people
-- contribution to the oppression of people
product/service quality, including:
-- lifetime of product
-- user-friendly/well-designed
-- reliability
-- service for product after purchase
product/service safety
product/service usefulness/constructiveness & responsiveness to public needs/desires
product/service understandability, including:
-- informing customers with details
-- unclear/deceptive packaging
race resource use
sexual preference
species, including:
-- animal testing
-- animal components in product or production thereof
-- impact of product/service on various species

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