Materials and Resources

  1. Guidelines and Expectations for GPA Chapters - Offers guidelines for chapter development as well as minimum expectations for all GPA chapters.
  2. GPA Pledger Information Template - A blank template that Pledge organizers can use to record and save Pledger contact information.
  3. GPA Publicity Sign
  4. Graduation Pledge Publicity Poster
  5. GPA wallet-sized Pledge cards
  6. GPA_Brochure
  7. GPA Guide for Schools - Offeres keys to success and suggested practices for chapters.
  8. A Letter to Graduating Seniors.  Sample letter to be distributed to all graduating seniors to inform them about the Pledge and the logistics of signing.
  9. Memo on "Backward Planning" written by Matt Nicodemus of GPA-Asia.

  10. "The Graduation Pledge of Social & Environmental Responsibility: An Effective Tool for Education and Action on Human Rights" an academic paper written by Matt Nicodemus, Executive Director of GPA-Asia.
  11. Careers for the Greater Good brochure, published by Psychologists for Social Responsibility. Feel free to download this from our website, or order professionally printed copies from Psychologists for Social Responsibility, 208 I Street, NE, Washington, DC, 20002 [phone: 202-543-5347].

The Graduation Pledge Alliance is a project of the Bentley University Alliance for Ethics and Social Responsibility."