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Be a productive and proactive member in our society. Always do what’s right for society & the environment.” - Albert Perez-Romero, Class of 2010

I hope that this pledge will help employers see the demand for sustainable practices, and create an atmosphere of accountability and transparency towards environmentalism.” - Colin Mark-Griffin, Class of 2009

This kind of pledge is a stepping stone to a more sustainable future.” - Kira Moss, Class of 2009

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How are two Humboldt State University graduates carrying out the Graduation Pledge? Ellie Cachette and Stephanie Haller created a consumer advocacy website that holds businesses accountable to the goods and services they provide to their customers. ConsumerBell wants to speed up the process of finding other consumers, sharing information and creating a single place of reference for organizations interested in pursuing cases of consumer mistreatment by corporations. Check out ConsumerBell to see how you can get involved.

Graduates, who voluntarily sign the pledge, have turned down jobs with which they did not feel comfortable and have worked to make changes once on the job. They have promoted recycling at their organizations, removed racist language from a training manual, worked for gender parity in high school athletics, and helped to convince an employer to refuse a chemical weapons-related contract.