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Dear Pledgers: Many of you have said you want a place where you can interact with each other and the GPA about the joys and challenges you experience in trying to fulfill your Pledge of social and environmental responsibility in the workplace and beyond. This page is for all of you, so feel free to post your own questions, and we’ll also post our own from time to time to get the discussion going! As you might know, this year, 2012 is the Graduation Pledge’s 25th Anniversary! So now we’re asking ALL of you this question:


2 Responses to Pledger Support Forum (Interactive)

  1. Mary Munion says:

    I pledge to examine and take into consideration the social and environmental effects of any school or job I consider that may already be or become detrimental. To fulfill my pledge to the GPA, I will become an agent of social and environmental change, ensuring that I implement the values and practices into any organization I work for.

  2. Michelle Keen says:

    I am so glad that I am graduating from University of Louisville and I am diehard big fan of University of Louisville Sports !. Good Luck to everyone else for the future !

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