How well does a current or potential employer/position harmonize with your social and environmental values?


  1. Obtain information from the employer and employees
    1. “official” materials
      1. annual report
      2. other materials for consumption by the general public and/or potential employees
      3. internal newsletters and magazines
      4. publications, statements, etc. related to your specific concerns
    2. ask questions and/or have others ask for you
      1. to recruiter
      2. at job interview
      3. to management (group, division, top level)
      4. to employees (non-management)
        1. person(s) who has or has had your position
        2. other employees (in your group, in other parts of your division, in other divisions)
        3. former employees (in your group, in other parts of your division, in other divisions)
        4. union stewards
  2. Obtain information from advocacy organizations and individuals
- seek out news and views from both sides
- approach both broad-focus groups (e.g. Sierra Club, political parties) and narrow-focus organizations (e.g. Right to Life)
    1. direct contact/interview
    2. obtain resources/materials they produce
  3. Obtain information from other outside sources
    1. career counselor/counseling center
    2. newspapers, magazines, journals, and newsletters
    3. books
    4. official documents companies have to file with various agencies
    5. transcripts of/reports on government hearings and audits
    6. job placement agency
    7. non-advocacy organizations (e.g. United Nations)
    8. corporate “headhunters”
    9. on-line databases
      1. Job listings
      2. other Information (e.g. Lexus)
    10. list and information request on a computer bulletin board
    11. friends and acquaintances
    12. other people working in your field or in related fields