GPA Timeline

Anytime during the spring:

o Make contact with Career Services to make sure they will include information about GPA in freshman orientation speech the falling autumn. Also confirm they will again distribute pamphlets to seniors about carrying out pledge on job.
o Record and get airplay for a GPA radio commercial. Contact a student leader of WBKE.
o Plan and present floor programs for RAs.
o Hold an informational program/meeting invited anyone interested to explain the GPA.
o Put the flyer for the program in table tent format to be placed in the table tents in the union and oaks.February:
o Send an email to professors/faculty asking them to support and indorse the GPA in the classroom.
o Set up a time for signing the book in the upper union.o Present at the 101 days to commencement dinner.


o Make both large and small posters and flyers to place all around school.
o Print certificates.
o Print cards.
o Print GPA brochures.
o Send a letter out to all seniors about the GPA, what it means and how it works.
o (late April) Have a time to sign the book in the upper union for the seniors who eat there.
o Write and publish an article in the college’s newspaper.
o Contact assistant Academic Dean about how the actual graduation day works and where the GPA table will be on graduation day for those who have not signed by that time.
o Remind College President to speak about pledge at commencement.

May/ Graduation:

o Hand off leadership of Pledge effort to those who will continue it next year.
o (early May) Have a time to sign the book in the upper union for the seniors who eat there.
o Display setup at Cordier and Perk on day of graduation.
o Have green ribbons and pins, sign book and certificates on hand at graduation.


Request a convocation (all school presentation) slot for the next year’s convo presentation.