GPA Updates Log

Graduation Pledge Alliance - 3rd Update for 2004-2005

Dear Graduation Pledge organizers:


  1. First, thanks to those who submitted a timeline plan of their spring activities and report on their efforts to form a Pledge Committee. Thanks, as well, for those who donated for our operations. Of course, we would most appreciate your sending along any of the above if you haven’t done so, to keep us informed and afloat. And having a committee/timeline will keep you afloat as well!
  2. If you’re on the GradPledge listserv, you’ve noticed that it has been virtually silent this past year, compared to some moderate activity in the past. Please start posting, and lets get some good talk going. Previously, the listserv has proved helpful for sharing comments, suggestions, and questions among pledge organizers. This avoids the one-way interactions in updates like this from the ‘head office.’ If you’re not on the list (or unsure), give us your email address and we’ll add you. (Remember, the list is automatically in digest mode so you receive just a single communication daily.)
  3. Besides our main web site (, there are links at that site to schools that have their own local pledge web pages or even just brief mention of the pledge at their school’s web site. We encourage you to design a simple web site or announcement, or just give us a link to whatever you already have.
  4. Finally, below is another piece from the web page that will help in your efforts to institutionalize the pledge at you school: “ Building Consciousness-Raising Around The Pledge.”


Best wishes for a happy holiday.  We’ll be in touch again in January


Neil J. Wollman

National Coordinator

The Graduation Pledge Alliance

MC Box 135

Manchester College

North Manchester, IN  46962




Building Consciousness-Raising around the Graduation Pledge

  1. Reach different segments of the college community (e.g. utilize departmental bulletin board displays, displays at art galleries on campus, declarations/endorsements by campus groups, publicity in campus media, discussions in residence halls, campus forums, school government involvement, specialized projects such as relevant essay contest).
  2. Integrate the Pledge into formal academic programs (e.g. classroom discussions, classroom assignments, independent studies taken by students or as part of a first-year orientation program).
  3. Involve the Career Services or Alumni Offices (e.g. host seminars on socially/environmentally responsible employment, relevant job fairs, career counseling office resources, relevant alumni activities/resources, visits by recruiters).
  4. Encourage socially/environmentally responsible actions by the university (e.g. college investments, college involvement in the local community, employee relations on campus, environmentally sound practices around the campus).
  5. Work with pledge-signing alumni (e.g. inform them of materials/services available for investigating employers and finding socially/environmentally responsible jobs, survey alumni regarding their commitment to the Pledge, assist alumni in attempts to influence the social/environmental responsibility of their employers).
  6. Educate off-campus constituencies (e.g. community groups, churches, chambers of commerce, local governments; public presentations/forums; and publicity in local media).