GPA Updates Log

Graduation Pledge Alliance - 3rd Update for 2005-2006

Dear Pledge Campaigners: 


Hopefully you are in gear now to begin spring Pledge activities. For some this means several activities between now and graduation. For others it involves (only) signing up seniors. For the latter, I hope you are still open  to adding just one pledge activity during the spring and one event or recognition of the pledge at graduation time itself.  (See ,  the usual piece, for possibilities.)  Otherwise, any reaching out to constituencies on campus (student groups, faculty, administration) will surely help your effort grow stronger. And the stronger the campaign,  the greater the likely impact on Pledge signers—the bottom line.  


At some point this spring you very well might hear from Jake Reid or Anna Simons from the national office here. They will be reaching out to you both to get input on what’s happening at your school, and to explore ways of strengthening your effort. (Unfortunately, with the number of schools involved,  they will not be able to contact all--but if you are particularly interested--or to expedite matters--let me know.)


We always hope that as time allows, those at the grassroots level can help some in the national/international effort. (In a separate emailing we’ll soon give you an opportunity to contribute with your checkbook, as well.) But given the limited hours we few volunteers can contribute at the national level, we hope you can take on something small (or large), for the “greater good.”  Here are some few possibilities: 

We can e-mail  you a pledge description that you can distribute as widely as you wish. 

We can send you GPA brochures  for distribution at conferences or otherwise (they can also be downloaded from the web site) 

 You can help on or coordinate production of a (hoped for) periodic “newsletter,”  with more substance  than our updates 

You can help on or coordinate efforts to get a grant for pledge activities (with more money we could do much more) 

We get a lot of media coverage for the pledge around graduation time (e.g., magazines like Business Week, news papers like USA Today, and radio networks, like ABC). But we could get media coverage at other times of the year (further raising public consciousness and likely spreading the pledge) . You can help on that.

It’s rewarding work, and any help is appreciated. Good luck this spring on your Pledge activities.




Neil J. Wollman

Senior Fellow, The Peace Studies Institute

National Coordinator, The Graduation Pledge Alliance

MC Box 135

Manchester College

North Manchester, IN  46962