GPA Updates Log

Graduation Pledge Alliance-5th Update for 2006-2007; March 5, 2007
    • The focus of this update is on the new Recommended Guidelines piece that we have finished after several months of editing and finalizing.  You will find it attached.  Remember that these are only recommendations, not requirements, but we would appreciate all Pledge organizers working toward these goals.  Thanks to everyone who provided input on the initial drafts; your help was most appreciated.
    • We are looking for ways to promote individual schools’ Pledge efforts.  We would like to hear from you about what you do at your school to organize your Pledge effort.  These testimonials will be put somewhere on our website.  If you would like, you may write a few short paragraphs, or even submit a webcam version of the same testimonial.  We’re still thinking about ways to specifically go about doing this, so more details will be coming your way soon. 
    • I will be at the Idealist Conference in Chicago later this month!   If anyone else is going, be sure to stop by the Graduation Pledge table (we’re sponsors) and say hi or ask me questions.  We also "may" have an "already paid for" extra registration available. If any interest, let us know.
    • Some schools have a student alumni society, whereby alumni and current students find ways to connect and collaborate on projects for the school.  Skidmore College, for example, does this.  It would be a great place to house the Pledge at your school, as current students might be too busy to take on Pledge activities.  At Stanford, for instance, there is an alum group  who will be coordinating Pledge efforts this year.  If your school has something like this, see if they would be interested in doing the Pledge.  If your school doesn’t have a student alumni association, get one started!
    • The Pledge website has undergone some dramatic changes.  We wanted to make it more attractive and “user-friendly” (as is the parlance of our time).  Be sure to check out the changes, and to familiarize yourself with the various pages.  One page in particular that you may want to check out is this one:, which has some helpful tips, as well as materials you will need to carry out the Pledge at your school. 
    • We are also looking for photos!  Please send pictures of various Pledge activities at your school so that we may put them up on the web.
    • The US Social Forum-the first ever- is a great organizing opportunity.  It will be held in Atlanta June 27-July 1.  20,000 activists are expected to attend, representing progressive social movements and NGOs.  More information is available at their website:
    • As always, we appreciate any kind of publicity you can find time to do.  Be sure to tell your friends at other schools about the Pledge, and see if they can get it going at their own campus!

That’s it for now,

Zach and Neil

Zachary Paul Burton
Co-coordinator, The Graduation Pledge Alliance

Neil J. Wollman
Co-coordinator, The Graduation Pledge Alliance