GPA Updates Log

Graduation Pledge Alliance - 6th Update for 2004-2005

Dear Pledge Organizers:


Resources: I hope that the last update connected you with the various resources and materials available for both graduation and for contact with Pledge signers before that (cards, certificates, etc.-- ). Hopefully you’ll get relevant materials to pledge signers that will remind them about and help them with their pledge commitment. (The real value and mark of the Pledge is what happens AFTER graduation, so do consider that in your planning.) You can help them to meet one part of their commitment by pointing them to the appropriate web page ( ) or providing hard copy materials about making changes on the job.


Keeping Up With Alumni: And don’t forget about reaching out to the Alumni and Career Service Offices to arrange other ways to keep the Pledge on the minds of signers after graduating  ( ). If you like to really think long term—perhaps working with those offices—there is a survey form by which you can assess a year or ten years later how much the Pledge has remained in signers’ consciousness or affected their actions.


Green Ribbons: For graduation day, one item that is used by many schools is the green ribbon, worn on graduation gowns. We are often asked how to get them. The cheapest and most individualized way is to buy pins and a roll ribbon at a fabric store–and start cutting! Otherwise, if you’re willing to pay about 10 cents each, you can have them pre-made and ready to wear ( ).


Temporary Tattoos: Another possibility for graduation day—and before—is the temporary tattoos we mentioned in the last update. We could order a thousand (minimum order) and resell at no markup to interested folks (under 10 cents each). However, we won’t do so unless we hear of interest (and about how many tattoos you want).


Planning for Next Year: While you are organizing the Pledge for this year (with your other responsibilities!), I can’t emphasize too much that your year-end activity should include making sure that the Pledge continues (and grows) next year. If you can establish a procedure/committee/mandate so that the Pledge is “built in” at your school, it is much more likely to happen again. A few schools involved with the Pledge for several years ceased doing so because it was not institutionalized. And consider joining with other groups, programs, centers, or departments as an additional way to gain stability.


Good luck down the home stretch,


Neil Wollman

National Coordinator, Graduation Pledge Alliance