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Graduation Pledge Alliance- 6th Update for 2006-2007; March 31, 2007 

Hello Pledgers! 

 Earlier in the year, we re-launched the Yahoo Group listserve.  Now: BIG NEWS! 

Join the brand new Graduation Pledge Facebook group! (  It was created by Mel Chua at Olin College to allow past, current, and future Pledge-takers from all schools to get to know one another, network together, and share their ideas and goals on social and environmental responsibility.  This group is not a replacement for, but rather a compliment to, Pledge-related Facebook groups that you may already have for your campus.  We hope to have representation from every Pledge-taking school so that Pledge-takers and their allies can see and explore the huge diversity of people who care about the environment and the future of humanity.  We hope to see you on either the Yahoo listserve or the new Facebook site!

 As the year draws to a close, you should be thinking about information youíll need for the year-end reports weíll be sending out.  Here is the link to a copy of the report so you can assemble relevant information for it ahead of time: .

 Weíre working on a press release that will most likely go out late April.  We will include it in the next update, so be thinking of ways to localize it so you can use it in your town or with your school paper.  Here are some samples of previous press releases:

Here is a sample letter that Manchester sends to its graduating seniors to tell them about the Pledge: .  And donít forget that there are other resources (cards, posters, and brochures) available on the website here: .  Also, if youíre very busy and donít have time to make your own green ribbons, you can go here and order them, pre-made: .

 If youíre getting ready to graduate and have thought about working in the federal government, check out this site:  It has lots of job postings for socially- and environmentally-minded folks who want to work in a government capacity.

 The first-ever United States Social Forum ( will be held June 27 through July 1 in Atlanta.  Over 20,000 activists of all ages are expected to attend, representing hundreds of groups working for democracy, sustainability and social justice, under the banner ďAnother World is Possible.Ē  This is a great opportunity to learn and network.  For more information, check out the website or contact Julie Matthaei,   

Finally, donít think itís too late to get something going at your school.  You could do something as simple as tabling or, at a minimum, get a group together to do some planning for next year. 

 Good luck!

 Zach and Neil


Zachary Paul Burton

 The Graduation Pledge Alliance