GPA Updates Log

Graduation Pledge Alliance - 7th Update for 2005-2006

Dear Pledge organizer:

Before focusing on end-of-school issues, here are two opportunities to work for the Pledge:

ü      To further our web outreach, can you or a friend help us on our new website intended for Pledge signers? ( We REALLY need volunteer help--someone with a little web design experience.

ü      To further the Pledge overall, we are tentatively seeking a full-time co-coordinator. Though we hope later to make this a paid position, currently it will be an internship, covering housing, food, health insurance, and a small stipend. It's a great opportunity to further the Pledge cause and social change, gain leadership skills, and enhance your resume. Though we have interested parties, we are not set yet on anyone. If you or someone you know has any interest, please let us know right away.

Keep the following in mind as the end of the school year draws near:

ü      We’re in the home stretch--good luck on any remaining activities for the year and on graduation day itself. In preparation, don’t forget the pledge website for final possibilities for materials like cards, posters, and fact sheets for distribution. And the March 18 Pledge update contains information about getting green (or other colored) ribbons.

ü      We just sent you the Pledge press release for your modification and use locally. If you are able to get publicity, via paper/web/broadcast outlets, both on and off-campus, you will not only raise consciousness on our concerns, but also make your work easier next year (e.g., do investigate on-campus collaboration with other groups/departments/ offices/individuals next year).

ü      See samples of written articles for this graduation both on and off campus (University of Pennsylvania) (Broward Community College ).

ü      Make a few quick calls to your local paper/TV, as it really increases your chances for coverage. You can say that you're part of a national project and give them my contact info (Neil Wollman; 260-982-5346; You might also urge local TV stations to feed the story to their national headquarters. If you have national media leads you’d rather we explore, tell us.

And finally:

ü      See below the draft of a form you will be asked to complete in a future update--you‘ll go to a website and fill it out. So thanks if you can already start to gather this information. The last item might be a little burdensome for those with many pledge signers, but do the best you can and if necessary, we may work out other possibilities for submission electronically or by regular postal mail (the more you can do individually, the less the national office must do when added up).

ü      A remainder again that we achieve real impact only if pledge signers carry out their commitments. We continue to work slowly on  (for pledge signers). You can also reach out to signers in other ways: (a) a newsletter, (b) an email list (or listserv), (c) a web site, and (d) collaboration with your alumni or career service offices so word gets out to graduates in mailings/publications/visits with alumni/etc. (click here  for hints on working with those offices).

ü      Particularly now near graduation time, but any time, consider using our underused (seemingly extinct!) listserv, where you can post suggestions, questions, information about your effort. (Send your message to Your ideas are valuable to other organizers; we can benefit from exchange of ideas. Most of you are on the list; if you want to be added, or aren’t sure if you are already on, ask me. It is sent as a daily digest, so you won't get more than one email message per day (and you can always unsubscribe later).

That’s it!


Neil Wollman

National Coordinator

MC Box 135, Manchester College

North Manchester, IN  46962


P.S. Here’s a quote submitted by a Pledge board member that is attributed to recently deceased reverend and social justice activist William Sloane Coffin: “Remember this, even if you win the rat race, you re still a rat.” (said to students pondering post-graduation).


School Name

School address (city, state/province, country)

Contact name(s) for next school year

Contact email

Contact phone for next school year

Organizations/ Departments/ Programs that organize or sponsor the Pledge

Total student population (approximate)

Total number of graduating seniors (approximate)

Total number of seniors that signed the pledge

Pledge activities you did this year

Pledge materials you used (e.g.,, ribbons, pledge cards, information sheets to help those on the job)

List of pledge signers with their most permanent email address-- for those willing to be contacted in the future, mainly to help them meet their Pledge commitment. No need to gather names of those with no email address.