GPA Updates Log

Graduation Pledge Alliance - 8th Update for 2004-2005

Hello Pledge Organizers!


Since most of you are already either done with graduation or all plans are set, I want to direct your attention a bit to the future (summer and fall). But before I do, let me repeat one request for this year.


Now: Thanks for those who have already submitted a report on this year’s activities and have told me who will be your contact(s) for next year. But not all have, so here’s what I asked for in the last update:


1. Who will be your school's pledge contact(s) for next year? (Even if it's you, please let me know, as a lack of a response indicates to us that you are gone permanently, making it difficult and time consuming to reach the new contact next year, if one exists.). As we always say, it is best if the contact person is the representative of a committee running the project, within some permanent organization/department/program, to insure continuity.


2. A report on what will happen or happened at your school (fine to respond now even if graduation has not yet taken place). We realize folks are at different stages regarding the Pledge—from full institutionalization of the project on campus to barely beginning work on it. Whatever you can tell us is fine, with the more info you provide, the better: what Pledge activities you did this year; how many signed the pledge and what % of students that represents; what materials were given to pledge signers–cards/ribbons/certificates; what will happen on graduation day; what media--on and off campus--covered the pledge or were contacted.  


Later: Now, here’s something for the future. (These suggestions are framed for student reps, but the basic ideas are applicable to faculty and staff reps as well.)

When you return home (or wherever you’ll be for the summer) you can really help the national pledge effort if you contact colleges in your area or friends going to other schools who might get the pledge going. You can always refer them to the web page ( And have them be in contact with me if there is even a small chance they will consider something for their school (

Second, while you are enjoying your summer and/or working to make ends meet, do a little brainstorming for next year. (Or if you graduate now, tell the new reps at your school to do so—with a little advice from you, of course!) There is more time to do so over the summer and it will make things go a lot smoother for more serious planning in the fall. Check out the web site in general for that, but especially see two pieces: “Steps for Building Support for and Participation in the Pledge Campaign” ( and “Graduation Pledge Alliance Timeline” for spring pledge activities ( Depending on your particular interests, other pages will be helpful too.


Thanks for all your work on the Pledge this year and good luck for your upcoming graduatio –or your summer. We’ll likely have one final update for the year.




Neil Wollman

National Coordinator

MC Box 135

Manchester College

North Manchester, IN  46962