GPA Updates Log

Graduation Pledge Alliance - 8th Update for 2005-2006

Hello Pledge Organizers and Friends:


It’s time to send in your report of the year’s activities—no matter what did or didn’t happen on your campus. For most of you, by this weekend your Pledge efforts for the year will be over. Thanks for your great work. Now (or when your events are over) it’s time for your last task—one that is very important for our operations nationally. Please click here to fill out the report form. You should do so no matter how many or few your activities this year; even just giving us the name of next year’s contact is very useful.


Please send us the link to your local Pledge web pages, and/or any mention of your effort listed on your school’s web site. We will add a link to it from our national web site (


Now, looking toward the future: When you return home (or wherever you’ll be for the summer) you can really help the Pledge effort by contacting colleges in your area or friends who attend other colleges who might get the Pledge going there. You can always refer them to the web site, as well as put them in contact with me  ( Second, while you are enjoying the summer (or working!), do a little brainstorming for next year (or, if you are graduating, urge next year’s reps to do so). Summer might provide some breathing space for future planning, which can help things so smoother in the fall. Check out the web site for some ideas, but especially see two pieces: “Steps for Building Support for a Pledge Campaign” and “Sample Timeline for Spring Pledge Activities.”


We will likely send one final update this year, if only to remind those who have not filed their reports to do so. (But maybe that won’t be needed!)


Thanks again for your hard work this year.




Neil Wollman

National Coordinator

MC Box 135

Manchester College

North Manchester, IN  46962