Web Resources

  • Bentley (University) Civic Leadership Program — A program at Bentley run by students for students, encouraging social responsibility and civic engagement. An excellent model for institutionalization of the Pledge at a college/university.
  • Careers in the Common Good — Careers in the Common Good is designed to explore the idea of connecting a liberal education to a lifetime of socially responsible work. It is a one-stop shop for job listings, networks, fellowships and advice for college students and recent alums. Resources cover education, community organizing, policy, environment, labor, youth, law and more. Sponsored by the Swearer Center for Public Service at Brown University.
  • Soul of a Citizen: Living with Conviction in a Cynical Time by Paul Rogat Loeb — This important book explores what leads some people to get involved in larger community issues while others feel overwhelmed or uncertain; what it takes to maintain commitment for the long haul; and how community involvement and citizen activism can give back a sense of connection and purpose rare in purely personal life.
  • Nonprofit Career Resource Guides — The Idealist.org College and University Career Services Advisory Board, comprised of leading career services professionals with a special commitment to nonprofit and socially responsible careers, developed this series of guides about working in the nonprofit sector. The guides were written with college students in mind, but will be useful to recent graduates and others looking to begin a career in the nonprofit sector. Each guide is complemented by a series of interviews with various professionals in the field.
  • Ethical Careers in Science, Design, and Technology — Scientists for Global Responsibility (SGR) has put together a set of resources to help scientists and engineers gain a deeper understanding of ethical issues in science, design and technology, and help them choose an ‘ethical’ career in this area.
  • Green Career Central — A resource offering guidance and support to match your passion for the environment, your skill set, and your experience, with a career where you can make a difference and prosper
  • Starting Bloc — StartingBloc brings the latest innovations in corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship to emerging leaders.
  • The Good Work Project — A large scale effort to identify individuals and institutions that exemplify good work—work that is excellent in quality, socially responsible, and meaningful to its practitioners—and to determine how best to increase the incidence of good work in our society.
  • The Center for Meaningful Work — A resource to help individuals and organizations thrive by integrating purpose and meaning with work and action.

The Graduation Pledge Alliance is a project of the Bentley University Alliance for Ethics and Social Responsibility."